Ultimate Calligraphy

Lake Press

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Calligraphy is an art of beautiful writing. Both kids and adults can learn calligraphy with this complete set. 

Included in the fold-out box is a traditional calligraphy pen with different nibs (tips) plus plenty of ink. The manual  included provides guidance and allows practice directly onto the pages. 

Use calligraphy on cards, gift tags, signs, notes or wherever you write. Writing is about to become more wonderful. 

- Includes 1 calligraphy pen, 3 different sized nibs (0.5, 1.0 and 1.5), 6 cartridges of ink and a 16 page manual
- Ideal for solo play or parent-child play
- Play time of up to one hour per session is likely 
- Box set is 22cm x 29cm x 4cm
- Recommended for 8 years and older