Tofu Kingdom game
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Tofu Kingdom Game

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A prince searches for his princess in the cute Tofu Kingdom game. 

Players take turns assuming the role of Prince Mochi, who is looking for his true love,  Princess Tofu.

Prince Mochi can ask one question to each player around the table (who have taken on their own roles) to try and find the princess, but not everyone will tell the truth. 

This clever game of deduction is great for parties and social gatherings.

The small zippered tin keeps everything protected and makes it perfect for taking out with you.

- Game for 3 to 8 players
- Includes 8 character coasters, 36 soybean tokens and instructions
- Play time of up to half an hour per session is likely 
- Pocket-sized game tin is 9cm x 9cm x 3cm
- Recommended for 10 years and older