LEGO Star Wars Space Adventures book and R2D2 minifig front cover

LEGO Star Wars: Space Adventures

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Includes a bonus R2-D2 minifig!

Welcome to the amazing LEGO Star Wars universe! Join the galactic heroes on their awesome adventures saving the galaxy from hideous villains.

Try out the activities, read the funny comics and build your very own super-cool R2-D2 minifigure.

Perfect for LEGO fans or Star Wars fans ... even more perfect if you enjoy both! 

- Includes 1 32-page book and 1 R2-D2 minifig
- Ideal for solo play or play with a friend
- Play time of up to an hour per session is likely 
- Book is 20cm x 28.5cm 
- ISBN is 9781760508197
- Recommended for 5 years and older