Addict A Ball puzzle for kids
Addict A Ball box
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Addict A Ball

Addict A Ball
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Addict A Ball is the puzzle that you can't put down!

Twist, turn and tilt this transparent orb to guide a small metal ball through the 3D maze of platforms, holes, spirals, arches and rolls which are suspended within.

Be warned, working your way through the labyrinth like structure is no easy task, but complete the 100 stages before putting down the ball and you win!

Addict A Ball improves patience, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. 

- Includes a colourful 100-stage puzzle enclosed in a clear round casing
- Ideal for solo play
- Play time of up to an hour per session is likely 
- The presentation box is 14cm x 14cm x 14cm
- It is recommended for 6 years old to adults