Activity sheets

These kids activity sheets will inspire creative thinking - and they're all free! Click the picture to open the PDF activity sheet. 

Kids Activity Sheet Volcano ExplorerVOLCANO EXPLORER
Design a super outfit to protect you as you explore volcanoes!

Tips for parents: ask kids about the problems the explorer will face - such as the hot ground - then prompt them to come up with ideas to avoid those problems. In this activity, kids are learning to problem solve. By the way, did you know volcano tourism is a thing?! Click the picture to open the activity sheet.


Sticky Stuff PDF Activity Sheet


What sticks stuff together? Find out using the clues.

Tips for parents: this is not as simple as it first looks, so kids may need encouragement to investigateClick the picture to open the activity sheet.


 Kids Activity Sheet My Own TimelineMY OWN TIMELINE
Capture all the wonderful things you have done since you were born. You can also add things you are going to do! 

Tips for parents: each number represents a birthday. Kids will need a little help to work out when they achieved things like learning to walk. Helping them to pop these on their timeline is a wonderful way to reflect. In this activity, kids are learning to represent a sequence. Click the picture to open the activity sheet.


 Kids Activity Sheet Park Scavenger HuntPARK SCAVENGER HUNT
Explore the outdoors with fun challenge for one or many kids!

Tips for parents: look under leaves, behind bark and below bushes to observe the wonderful natural communities that live in the park. This activity gives kids a mission to explore the park and observe curious little things. Click the picture to open the activity sheet.




Tangram activity sheet for kids

What shapes can you make with just 7 pieces?

Tips for parents: kids may need a little help to think creatively at the beginning, but after forming a few shapes they are likely to develop their own ideas. You can help kids start by showing them pictures of tangram shapes from the internet, then leave them to think of their own. Click the picture to open the activity sheet.


Kids activity sheet - who invented what

Can you connect each person with their invention?

Tips for parents: there are two parts to this activity - the first part inspires ideas, and the second part asks kids to think about their own possibilities. Click the picture to open the activity sheet. 



Activity Sheet Your Ultimate Lunchbox

Let the kids design their school lunches

Tip for parents: short on ideas for school lunches? Get the kids to come up with new suggestions - encourage them to think of real options.  



Activity Sheet Butterfly Decoration

Make your own mobile

Tip for parents: in this activity kids need to work out the best lengths of string to use, so younger kids may need your advice to make the string long enough (30cm to 60cm is suggested). 



 Kids, have you done some great work? Send it to us and we may share it with the Incredible Inventors community to inspire others! Click here to find out how to contact us.