What kids need for future success

Incredible Kids Activities is an Australian brand that gets kids creating!

Discover a world of creative inspiration for kids, including kits, activity books, stationery, art, games and much more fun.

Our activities are exciting and imaginative, taking kids on creative adventures. 

Get activities delivered to your doorstep or explore the free activities in the Play Ideas section. Our blog is packed with valuable tips on supporting kids to develop important skills. 

Creative activities are loved by kids.

Incredible Kids Activities aims to fire the imagination of kids across Australia. We have put a lot of thought into designing and handpicking products that develop young minds in fun and affordable ways. We only provide products that are beneficial for families like yours. 

Our mission is simple: kids more creative.

We want to support you to raise children that are confident in their creativity, communication skills, problem solving abilities and collaborations. These are important skills for future success.

Let's do something new!    

Hello from the founder

Lisa Wiese - Incredible Kids Activities

Hi friends,

I'm Lisa. I am a mother, scientist, kids activity designer and a life long learner. 

Those are my labels, but I feel like I'm just a big kid at heart!

I know what it is like to be a busy mum who wants to do the best for her kids, to help them to reach their full potential.

It's a challenge to continually think of new activities for kids at home!

When my kids were very little, I would design what I thought were the most wonderful activities for them ... only to lose their interest after after a short time when they became distracted by something louder and shinier.

It often took me longer to set up the activities than the actual play time - eek! Screen entertainment started to look easier and more appealing to this time-poor mum juggling littlies. Then I found the solution. 

At one of my daughter's birthday parties, she received lovely gifts from friends, most of which were activity kits. It was brilliant!

Activity kits - fantastic experiences that came in a box!

There were art kits, jewellery making kits, putty kits and construction kits. The activity kits came with everything they needed. And guess what - it held the kids attention.

The activity kits enabled my kids to try new activities, to explore new concepts and to build new skills. They were trying something new.

Best of all, they were proud of what they created with the kits! 

I realised I had my solution to beneficial play hooray! Our home has been equipped with activity kits since.

We've also added activity books, creative games and art equipment. Our kids have significantly benefitted from the 'opportunities in a box'. 

As parents we all want our kids to pursue their areas of interests, and activity kits help kids to do just that, while making play simple and easy for us mums and dads

Incredible Kids Activities started in 2016 as my 'passion project' to get kids creating. It opened with the name of Incredible Inventors, as I believe all kids are little incredible inventors. We updated the name to Incredible Kids Activities in 2021 to better reflect what we do.

Professionally, I have spent many years designing kids activities in science centres, in a childrens' hospital and for events such as festivals and fetes. I seek out evidence-based best practices in play that benefit kids' minds and aspirations. 

Positive impact happens through good design. 

Incredible Kids Activities is more than your average toy store - it's an activities provider. 

We get kids to be active and creative with their minds, hands and hearts. 

We encourage kids to try new activities, discovering topics that they haven't explored before. With a little guidance from the kits, kids are amazed at what they can create! 

When kids try something new, it builds confidence in their own abilities. 

Parents can relax or join in the fun, knowing they have provided their kids with what they need for future success: opportunities to try new things to develop their minds.  

To parents: we salute your efforts to raise happy, curious kids. We want to help families like yours by providing beneficial options for play time. 

Connect with me on any of the socials, I'd love to hear your thoughts - we are @incrediblekidsa 

Keep creating, 
Lisa :-)  

Kids are incredible inventors gif

Ah nostalgia ... our 2016 opening promo

Our Vision

To be a resource centre that increases the creativity and aspirations of kids through play. 

Our Mission

Kids more creative.

Our Values

1. Inspire beneficial play
2. Grow kids aspirations
3. Make parents lives easier
4. Support sustainable and local
5. Have fun
Incredible Kids Activities - Our Values
Incredible Kids Activities is part of the Australian company Incredible Inventors Pty Ltd (ABN 30 613 880 292).