'Where on Earth?' activity for kids

Where on Earth activity for kids

Explore the world with this fantastic yet simple activity for kids.

Extend it with some great open-ended play ideas that we've noted at the end. 

Step one: set up

You will need:

  • Colour pens or pencils
  • A balloon (preferably blue)
  • Scissors
  • Stick tape (or glue)

Print out our Where on Earth Worksheet (PDF) or draw your own simplified world map.

Where on Earth worksheet

Step two: colour and cut

Colour in the continents then cut them out. Don't worry about cutting along the lines - rough cutting works just as well. 

Where on Earth - colour in the continents   Where on Earth - cutting out the continents

Step three: make your Earth

Blow up the balloon until it is circular - that's about half inflated - and tie off the end. This will be the Earth. Now it is time to stick on the continents with tape (or glue). Kids will need some time to work out what goes where. 

Where on Earth - making your globe

More play ideas

  1. Decorate the Earth e.g. with photos of people you know around the world, pictures of places, or drawings of ships. 
  2. Use the Earth in an activity e.g. put on a play or imagine you're a pilot/ astronaut/ explorer.  
  3. Pick out places you would like to go and find out more about them. 
  4. Make another planet, such as Saturn with its rings. If you're game you can make all of the planets in our solar system! 
  5. Create your own world with a new balloon. Will your world have land, or will it be made of ice or gases? Will it be hot, cold or just right? Is there life?


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