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Taking photos is a terrific way to develop creative skills. It’s also a fun, simple and free way to entertain kids at home

Kids will love playing the game Photo Bingo. It gets kids moving, thinking and sharing how they see the world. Their adults can play this game too!

How to play

This game can be played by one person or many people. The objective is to capture photos of 5 topics. The first person to photograph all 5 topics wins.

Step 1: Each person selects a line of 5 topics from the game sheet below. It could be a row of 5 topics, a column of 5 topics, or 5 topics in a diagonal line.

Step 2: Each person takes photos of their 5 topics, grabbing interesting shots.

Step 3: The first person to complete their 5 photos calls “Bingo” and wins!

Optional: An adult can be a judge and approve each photo, deciding if each photo captures the topic and is of good quality.

Kids Photo Bingo Game Sheet 
Click this game sheet to download a printable PDF of this game sheet


Every photo tells a story

At the end of the game each person may like to share their photos with the other players and explain each photo. Explaining how we create our art benefits everyone as it shares ideas and tips, plus we develop confidence in communicating our creativity, which can be surprisingly hard to do.

Another way to extend the game is each person can show their photos in a random order and the other players can guess the topic for each photo.

Photo ideas galore 

Here is inspiration for each of the photo topics on the game sheet above, though if you have your own ideas embrace those first! 

Superhero Pose

Take a selfie, a photo of someone else posing like a superhero, or a toy with a cape. The superhero may be flying through the air, standing in strong pose, leaping, or rescuing a child. Or, for something quite different, photograph a real superhero in your life – perhaps your superhero is your mother, a teacher or a scientist.

Your Shadow

Create your shadow with sunlight, a lamp or overhead light. Experiment with posing in different shapes. Make the shadow with your whole body or just a part of your body such as your hands forming a shadow shape.

Eyes in Sharp Focus

Whose eyes will you use? It could be a selfie, a photo of someone else, a pet, or a toy. If your subject is a person, try having the eyes express an emotion and capture it on camera. The challenge here is to make sure the eyes are in focus!

A Reflection

Find or create a reflection in glass, in a mirror, in a puddle, in a dish, or in anything smooth like a computer screen or oven door. You can capture the reflection of any object, or your own face.

Black and White Photo

Black and white photos are timeless and particularly good for photos where colour is not so important. People and portraits work very well for this, as well as vintage items.Take a photo and apply a black and white filter. 

Fashion Photo

Look at magazines and fashion website for inspiration. Notice how the people posing show attitude and a large variety of poses which are often not natural stances. Fashion photos are often more about the setting and the model using their bodies to convey a message than they are about the clothes.

View Through a Glass of Water

Water distorts the view. Taking a photo through water changes what the camera captures, so ensure you get the camera lens close to the glass. Experiment with taking photos of things that are close or a long way away from the glass of water to capture an interesting effect.

An Item Out of Place

Create tension and interest in a photo by taking a photo of a neat or ordered scene, then positioning an object that shouldn’t be there. For example, a lolly amongst vegetables, a toy in a fridge, a kids book on an adult bookshelf, or a spoon on the couch.

View From a Chair

Take a photo from the perspective of a chair – an inanimate object – instead of a human’s point of view, as this gives the photo a point of difference. Position the camera on the chair and then capture an interesting scene.

Photo of the Weather

Is it warm and sunny today, or cold and wintry, or a beautiful spring day? Capture an image that makes the viewer feel the weather that you are feeling, such as a blue sky, a person rugged up in a scarf, or a tree in full flower.

Contents of a School Bag

Does the contents tell a story about the owner? Does it reveal their age, interests and what they are studying? Lay out the items or stack them up in an interesting way to take the photo, which will enable the viewer to understand more about the owner.

Photo of Textures

Texture is the feel, appearance or pattern of a surface. All around you may be bumpy, rough, woven, patterned, sandy or lacy textures, or plenty of others. Mix and match different textures and complementary colours in a photo. Capture a photo that makes the viewer want to reach out and feel the texture.

Items in Your Favourite Colour

Pick a colour you like, collect items in that colour and position them together so you can take the shot. They could be similar items such as pieces of clothing in shades of yellow, or completely unrelated items in shades of green or the colour you have chosen. 

Short Slo-Mo Video

This is technically not a photo, but the time lapse will be close to a single moment just like a photo. Put your camera device on the slo-mo setting and grab a shot of water flowing, or a person changing their face expression, or a pet moving, or something falling over, as examples. The slow transition is what makes the video interesting, as we don’t see the subject the same way at normal speed. A few seconds of slo-mo video is all you need for this game.

Person Exercising

Take a selfie or a photo of someone else moving their body. If no one is exercising, try representing exercise such as your feet in sports shoes, or a skipping rope in your hands, or sweat (water drops) on your forehead.  

Fruit or Vegetable

Sure you can photograph a single item sitting still on the kitchen bench, but let’s make it interesting with a fruit arrangement, or a vegetable stack, or different foods in the same colour grouped together. Or in the situation where you only have single item to photograph, set the scene make it look fresh with a spray of water, or cut it open to capture its delicious appeal on camera.

Happy Face

Cameras pick up emotions through facial expressions and body language, so try capturing happiness in the form of a face that is smiling or laughing. It may be your face, a family member, a pet, a face on a packet, or a face of a toy.

Drop of Food Colouring in Water

Is there anything more beautiful than a drop of colour spreading out in water when it first enters the glass? Add the water first, then a drop or two of colour, and capture the patterns before it mixes completely.


The costume that you photograph may be on a hanger in the cupboard, or on you, or on a toy. For an amusing image, create a quick costume from newspaper, toilet paper, a sheet or someone else’s clothing.

Old Shoes

Have you heard the saying “don’t judge someone until you have spent a day in their shoes”? No? Never mind. The important thing to know is shoes carry us through many stories in our own lives – events, journeys and growth. Taking a photo of old shoes makes the viewer wonder who owns them and where have they been. The more worn the shoes are the better, so look at the back of shoe cupboards for the really old ones.

A Race

Set up a race for this shot – perhaps two people dashing, a few toy cars, or toy horses. In nature you might capture some ants racing around. Or take a shot of how you would feel in a race – it might be your competitive expression as you run, or your running shoes hitting the track.

Closeup of Nature

Capture the beauty or harshness of nature that we may not notice as we walk by, such as a photo of a flower filling the whole picture, or the pattern on a leaf, or the texture of tree bark.


Car wheels and bicycle wheels may be obvious, though we can also think about the less obvious wheels – check for wheels on bins, a fridge, furniture, a crate, a trolley, a wheelbarrow, suitcases, even a racing game controller. 

Recipe Ingredients

Doesn’t it look fresh and exciting when ingredients are laid out and are ready to be turned into a delicious creation? Put out flour, milk, egg and sugar to represent pancakes; or an array of fruit for a fruit salad; or meat and fresh herbs for a dinner; or perhaps icecream and a bunch of goodies for an icecream sundae. Add in a spoon, bowl and some cooking items to make it look authentic and set the scene, then take your best shot.

Pouring Liquid

Water with food colouring is a beautiful sight when it is poured from one container to another so grab a closeup. You could also do this for other coloured liquid like milk, tea, wine, or juice. Or simply run a tap and capture the clear fresh water flowing out.

Share your world

Send us the photos from your Photo Bingo game if you would like to share them, as we would love to admire your creations! You can get in touch through our Contact page. 

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