Incredible Inventors is now called: Incredible Kids Activities

Incredible Inventors is now called Incredible Kids Activities

Incredible Inventors opened in 2016 to help kids be more creative. 

Back then we believed all kids were incredible! With confidence to create, kids produced the most wonderful ideas. This needed to be nurtured. And now, 5 years later, we believe this more than ever!

In 2021 we realised our name was a little confusing to some, however what we stood for was super important!

So we have been renamed to Incredible Kids Activities. Why? Haha because we provide incredible kids activities :-)

We're the same team with the same goal of building kids creativity, aspirations and confidence. How? Through open-ended play.

Play that engages hearts, minds and movement. Play that is specially designed to have beneficial outcomes. 

So what exactly is Incredible Kids Activities? We're an online store providing awesome activity kits, games, activity books, toys and craft gear. We also design and run kids activities for special events. And we're working on our own activity kits for kids, to be released soon. 

Incredible Kids Activities is an Australian small business that appreciates your support. Because when you shop with local businesses like us, you're not just supporting our business, you're supporting our community. 

To follow our journey, please connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Keep creating, 
Lisa Wiese, Director :-) 


Incredible Inventors promotion gif
Ah nostalgia ... our original promo for Incredible Inventors from 2016


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