Fun, easy ways to give a Gift Card

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Gift cards and gift vouchers are brilliant, they make shopping and gifting super easy. However wrapping them up in gift paper doesn't quite feel right.

Those flat little things need some new gifting ideas!

Here are 8 ways to make gifting cards and vouchers fun and memorable ... while keeping it easy. Each of these ideas are explained in more detail below. 

  1. Send the gift card by paper plane
  2. Stick it in a mini stocking
  3. Sweeten it with cookies
  4. Make it the treasure in a treasure hunt
  5. Hide it in a jar of lollies
  6. Fold it into origami
  7. Put it inside a useful gift
  8. Level it up with a funny prank (warning: this one is not for everyone!)

1. Send the gift card by paper plane

The lucky person who will be receiving the gift is sitting on the couch, waiting patiently, when suddenly WHOOSH a paper plane whisks past their nose! 

The paper plane is loaded with the printed gift voucher. Arriving in style, baby!

Here's a picture guide to folding a simple but speedy paper plane. 

 Paper plane pun

2. Stick it in a mini stocking

Give the gift card in a cute mini Christmas stocking.

Buy one of the decorative stockings at the local store. Or cut some felt into a stocking shape and glue it together. Or, let the kids get crafty with paper, sticky tape and markers to put a stocking together with love. 

Then simply slip the gift card inside for the big day. 

 Small Christmas stocking

3. Sweeten it with cookies

Attach the gift card to cookies that were made in your kitchen ... or at least cookies that look like they were made in your kitchen. 

Punch a hole into the gift card (or an envelope that the gift card sits in), then thread a ribbon through that hole and tie the ribbon around the cookies. 

Mum would be proud!

Cookies gift idea

4. Make it the treasure in a treasure hunt

It's time for a treasure hunt!

Hide the gift card, write a clue or two about where it might be found, and gift the clue.

Alternatively, make a (treasure) map - X marks the spot! 

Two kids with a treasure map

5. Hide it in a jar of lollies

Buy or find a big jar and fill it with fun lollies. Place the gift card in the jar too. Add a ribbon for festiveness. 

Will you tell the recipient that their gift card is inside, will you let you know a surprise awaits them?

Candy Jar gift

6. Fold it into origami

Gift vouchers printed on paper can be folded into delightful origami, such as a heart, a flower or a crane. 

Gift cards can be inserted into your origami creation. You can pick up some cute paper or print one that you've designed yourself. 

Here's a video for kids to fold an origami heart - in under 6 minutes it'll be sorted!

For more of a challenge, learn to fold 3D paper Christmas Trees

Origami heart

7. Put it inside a useful gift

Gift cards are the perfect size to put inside another useful gift - here are some suggestions:

  • Pencil case or zipper case
  • Phone cover
  • Notebook
  • Cup or mug
  • Keepsafe box 
  • Reading book
  • Snack bag

8. Level it up with a funny prank

It's lovely to be nice and sweet, but some recipients appreciate the effort of a prank that's well executed.

If you're game and they're game, here are some fun pranks to take gift card giving to the next level:

  • WATER BALLOONS - place the gift card in the middle of a box full of water balloons, filled of course!
  • SLIME - insert the gift card into a jar filled with green slime (perhaps label it Snot...)
  • ICE - freeze the gift card in the middle of a large ice block by wrapping it in plastic wrap, then placing it into a plastic bowl filled with water and popping it into a freezer overnight
  • PASS THE PARCEL - Wrap the gift card in a page of newspaper. Then another page. Then another page. Then another ... yes you'll turn that little gift into something much bigger and quite challenging to unwrap!
  • LOCK IT UP - punch a hole into the gift voucher and lock it into a puzzle lock like this one so they have so solve the puzzle to 'win' their gift 

Water balloons 

Gift cards are not just super easy, they're easy to make memorable!


 Lisa Wiese - Incredible Kids ActivitiesABOUT THE AUTHOR

Lisa is the founder of Incredible Kids Activities. Working previously in designing activities that positively impact families within visitor centres and children's hospitals, her goal is to help kids to grow their aspirations. As part of Incredible Kids Activities she now gets to accomplish that every day. Lisa resides in sunny Perth, Australia with her family.


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