Calming Colouring for Busy Kids

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What would parents do without kids colouring activities? It's so convenient, so accessible, so suitable for most abilities ... and it can be so peaceful. 

Everyone big and small needs a little time out sometimes. Colouring is wonderful way to settle down and focus. 

Adults think of colouring as a mindfulness activity. Kids just think it's fun!

Colouring is not about the finished artwork, it's about the joy of starting and creating.

Add some colour to our set of free calming colouring pages to bring them to life.

Now, relax :-)

Beach Finds: colouring page

Explore the sea shore and its shells, seaweed, coral and sea foam. You can almost smell the salty air with this colouring page.

Click the page to download and print it. 

Beach calming colouring sheet - free printable colouring page

Bird On A Branch colouring page

Full of wonder and beauty, birds represent freedom. Add colour to this bird sitting on a branch before it flies on to its next adventure.

Click the page to download and print it. 

Bird on a branch colouring page for kids

Butterfly Life colouring page

Nature's patterns are mesmerising and spellbinding, particularly when the butterflies emerge.

Click the page to download and print it. 

Butterflies calming colouring page for kids

Magical Tree colouring page

The magic of nature is captured in this peaceful portrayal of our world. 

Click the page to download and print it. 

Magical Tree colouring page for kids

Mandala Pattern colouring page

Relax with this beautiful circular pattern which needs the colour that you will bring. 

Click the page to download and print it. 

Calming colouring mandala for kids

Patterns Galore - 10 full page patterns to colour

There are 10 pages of patterns in this PDF file, including abstract patterns, geometric patterns and illusions. Which one is your favourite? 

Click the page to download and print the pages that you like. 

Pattern pages to colour in

Insects colouring page

Patterns are everywhere in nature. How many similarities you can spot in these insects? How many legs do they have? Do they all have antennae? Are their body shapes similar?

Click the page to download and print it. 

Insects colouring page for kids

Tropical Life colouring page

Make a name sign for your bedroom or your book with this glorious design.

Click the page to download and print it. 

Tropical life colouring page for kids


Would you like more free colouring sheets? Find more activities to print at home in the Play Ideas section of our website.

There are plenty of colouring in pages for little kids too ... in particular look out for the happy dogs!

And relax :-)

 Lisa Wiese - Incredible Kids Activities


Lisa is the founder of Incredible Kids Activities. Working previously in designing activities that positively impact families within visitor centres and children's hospitals, her goal is to help kids to grow their aspirations. As part of Incredible Kids Activities she now gets to accomplish that every day. Lisa resides in sunny Perth, Australia with her family.

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