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2022 is here and it's bound to take us on a ride! The year will be shaped by the pandemic, yet kids will always be kids.

Kids will seek out the new and novel toys that they see around them. They will naturally lean towards toys that make them feel good. 

Parents, on the other hand, will choose toys that they're familiar with and they understand. Parents will also be drawn to toys that generate a little personal nostalgia.

Together, in 2022 families will welcome into their home a mix of tried-and-true toys alongside toys that are trending for the first time. 

Toy Prediction for 2022


Here are Incredible Kids Activities' expectations for toy trends in 2022. 

1. Outdoors and Sports Toys will dominate

In the past 5 years the expenditure on outdoor and sports toys has been higher than any other physical toy category.

This is likely to continue as we adjust to new ways of living with a focus on the home environment. 

Kids benefit from at least an hour a day of active play, so investing in outdoors and sports toys continues to be a winning option for families. 

2. Dolls and Action Figures will be popular, but trends will constantly change

Ever-popular dolls and action figures give kids an opportunity to role play and imagine open-ended scenarios. They are beneficial toys and are popular choices for gifts. 

In 2022 we'll see a revolving range of dolls and action figures that come and go quickly. For one season we may see blockbuster movie dolls, for another season there may be dolls that embrace diversity, and in another season a television brand may expand to the toy shelf. Gender-neutral options will grow somewhat alongside diversity as an expectation. 

No matter what form they come in, dolls and action figures will form a big segment of the toy market in 2022. 

3. Educational Toys will be in higher demand

Education toys help develop literacy, numeracy, creativity, critical thinking and other skills that benefit kids. 

Toys that engage the mind, hands and emotions will be particularly sought, such as kits, puzzles and games. 

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) toys will build a stronger following, particularly for girls.

Recognising the double benefits of entertainment and education, we'll see more educational toys in our homes in 2022. 

4. Sustainability is a hot topic, but consumer choices will be inconsistent

Us adults prefer to make good choices for ourselves, for kids and for our world. Awareness of the damage caused by manufacturing, transport and waste continues to grow in our society, though the level of compromise still varies greatly from person to person.  

Parents will make more sustainable choices but not in every instance. They are more likely to embrace sustainable options where it is (1) easy and (2) there is little loss of perceived value for money. 

Easy choices currently include the visible packaging and the use of biodegradable materials, such as woods and cottons.

Therefore, in 2022 we'll see a move away from plastic packaging towards cardboard and recycled materials across all toy categories.

We'll see more promotion of wooden toys, though the jury is out on how much the demand for wooden toys will grow. 

Toys with reusable components such as kinetic sand and putty are likely to remain popular over toys that utilise plastic consumables. 

Sustainable Toy Choices

5. Buy Local is going to become even more important

The beginning of 2022 has been hampered by supply issues, rising transport costs and inconsistent productivity in manufacturing.

Importing toys made overseas is more difficult and more unreliable. How long this continues is unknown. 

Consequently there will be more demand for Australian-made products that can be provided consistently. 

Consumers are willing to pay more for locally-made toys if they come with a sense of 'being part of something important', 'supporting our communities' and 'doing the right thing'. 

Local toy companies that get their branding right are likely to see growth in 2022. 

6. Personalisation will be embraced by both parents and kids

In recent years we will have seen increasing demand in personalisation, such as name puzzles, embossed initials and custom printed books. 

In 2022 this trend will continue. Manufacturers are bringing in new and better ways to deliver personalisation with quicker turnaround times. 

Personalisation adds value without significantly increasing prices, which consumers love. 

Finally, a new trend is forming...

Look out for more toys that teach kids about health and wellbeing in light-hearted ways. From making healthy food choices to expressing ourselves and naming our feelings, we're expecting to see more innovation in this area.  

 Lisa Wiese - Incredible Kids ActivitiesABOUT THE AUTHOR

Lisa is the founder of Incredible Kids Activities. Working previously in designing activities that positively impact families within visitor centres and children's hospitals, her goal is to help kids to grow their aspirations. As part of Incredible Kids Activities she now gets to accomplish that every day. Lisa resides in sunny Perth, Australia with her family.

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